Gate posts need to be of the correct size and length to both carry the weight of the gate and keep it upright and secure in the ground. Our gate posts are always supplied galvanised and can be powder coated to any colour required although black is typically the most common. 


Gate hinges need to be well made and super strong in order to withstand the weight and pressure of daily gate operation. Automatic gates in particular need exceptionally strong, well-designed and planned for hinges. They also need to suit your gate too, look good whilst providing a reliable support for your gates. 

Above Ground Automation 

Above ground automation is a safe solid gate automation choice that is mounted to your gates as arms towards the middle or top of the gate. It’s ideal for when you don’t mind seeing the automation or if it needs to be out of the ground in water-prone or water- logged areas. 

Below Ground Automation 

Below ground automation is buried in casing below the ground giving the option of a minimalist look when automating your gates. Ideally suited to free draining areas below ground automation is a great choice for when you do not want to see the automation arms.. 

Control Options 


Transmitters are the remote control of your automation system - using a button from inside your car, for example - you can control your gates opening or closing. 

Loop in the ground 

A loop in the ground is a cable that senses the presence of a vehicle and then opens your gates because the vehicle is there. It can still be used in conjunction with timers and transmitters for extra security. 

Intercom / Keypad 

Intercoms and keypads are useful especially for long drives or for when a visitor has no transmitter and should only be let in via the occupant of the house or for tradespeople who have been issued with the pin, for example. 
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